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  • conversational AI call campaigns

    Posted in General on 15th May 2023

    Conversational AI is an area of artificial intelligence focused on creating systems that can engage in natural language conversations with humans. It involves the use of technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and dialogue management to understand and respond to user input.

  • UK inbound access number types

    Posted in Solutions on 12th May 2023

    In the UK, there are different types of inbound numbers that serve specific purposes. IV Response have a vast allocation of all these numbering types ready for your business or call campaign to use.

  • Business sectors using outbound call campaigns

    Posted in Industry on 12th May 2023

    Several business sectors utilize the IV Response mass outbound call campaign services. Companies in all of these sectors contact us to help setup an effective campaign script and benefit from our value for money wholesale prices for outbound calls making the campaigns excellent value for money with regards to return of investment. Once a campaign or campaigns have been setup, they can be run repeatedly at the client’s request.

  • local or geographical access numbers for business

    Posted in Services on 11th May 2023

    Using a local or geographical phone number for business calls can provide several advantages for companies. IV Response have a vast selection that we can setup for your company very quickly.

  • Creating an outbound calling campaign using a script

    Posted in General on 11th May 2023

    Launching an outbound calling campaign can be an effective way to reach out to potential customers, collect a debt or promote your products or services. A well-designed script is a crucial component of a successful campaign, as it helps your sales or collections team communicate effectively and achieve desired outcomes.

  • inbound outbound call handling

    Posted in Services on 10th May 2023

    Using a smaller, more personalized company to supply your inbound and outbound telecoms needs can offer several benefits:

  • memorable numbers

    Posted in Solutions on 10th May 2023

    Using a memorable number that diverts to your personal number for business calls has several benefits

  • Outsourcing wholesale call terminations

    Posted in Services on 10th May 2023

    When a call center outsources its call terminations to a smaller, personalized company, it can enjoy several benefits.

  • business inbound numbers

    Posted in Services on 9th May 2023

    As a small business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your efficiency and cut costs. One area that can be particularly time-consuming and costly is inbound call handling. However, with the rise of automated call handling services, outsourcing this task to an automated service can offer several benefits for small businesses. Below are some of the key advantages of outsourcing inbound call handling to an automated service.

  • 03 numbers for business

    Posted in Solutions on 9th May 2023

    One important aspect of communication is having a reliable phone number that customers can call for support or inquiries. One option for businesses is to use an 03 type inbound phone number.

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