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Posted in Industry on 18th May 2023

Using a cheap rate dial-through service like to call abroad from the UK instead of using BT directly and paying their higher call costs offers several advantages:

Cost savings: typically offers significantly lower rates for international calls compared to BT. By using their service, you can save money on your international calling expenses and potentially reduce your overall communication costs.

Competitive pricing:

Cheap rate dial-through services like operate in a competitive market, which encourages them to provide attractive pricing plans and competitive rates. They often negotiate favorable deals with international carriers, allowing them to offer cost-effective calling options to their customers.

Transparent pricing: provides transparent and straightforward pricing structures, allowing you to easily understand the costs associated with your international calls. This transparency helps you plan and budget your calling expenses more effectively.

Convenient and user-friendly:

Using is typically a hassle-free and user-friendly experience. You can easily access their service through their website. They provide simple instructions for making international calls. Their user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Wide range of destinations:

Cheap rate dial-through services like often offer calling options to a wide range of international destinations. They have partnerships with multiple carriers, enabling them to provide access to numerous countries around the world. This ensures that you can reach your desired destinations conveniently.

High call quality: strives to maintain high call quality and reliability. They invest in robust infrastructure and maintain partnerships with reputable carriers to ensure clear and stable connections for your international calls. This helps to ensure that your conversations are uninterrupted and of good audio quality.

Additional features and services:

Some cheap rate dial-through services, including, may offer additional features. If your business calls abroad on a daily basis it would be worth contacting call2call to arrange a cheap international calls account. That way you could get a dedicated access number to make your calls more professional.

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