Answering machine detection for call campaigns

Posted in General on 16th May 2023

IV Response use Answering machine detection on our outbound call campaigns to great effect. When you really want a message to be delivered to make sure the customer gets your message, answering machine detection is the best technology to use. It can automatically switch between the live prompts or the answering machine prompts.

We can if required leave a pre-set personalized message asking the customer to call back or ignore answering machines and only deliver a message to a live person answer, on a per call basis.

Using answering machine detection (AMD) is important for leaving voicemail messages on outbound call campaigns for several reasons:

Time efficiency:

AMD helps identify whether a call has been answered by a human or an answering machine. By detecting answering machines, it allows agents to skip leaving a voicemail and move on to the next call, saving valuable time.

Agent productivity:

By automating the detection of answering machines, agents can focus their attention on live calls and engage in meaningful conversations with potential customers, maximizing their productivity.


Skipping voicemail messages for answering machines reduces call duration, which means lower telecommunication costs for outbound call campaigns. It optimizes resource allocation and increases the overall cost-effectiveness of the campaign.

Better customer experience: Leaving voicemail messages on answering machines can be perceived as intrusive and may lead to customer dissatisfaction. By using AMD, voicemail messages are targeted to actual human recipients, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Message customization:

AMD enables call center systems to adapt the content and tone of voicemail messages based on whether an answering machine or a person answers the call. This customization allows for more effective and personalized communication with customers.

Overall, AMD improves efficiency, reduces costs, enhances agent productivity, and contributes to a better customer experience, making it a valuable tool for leaving voicemail messages on outbound call campaigns.

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