Virtual telephone services

Posted in Industry on 15th May 2023

A virtual telephone service, also known as a virtual phone system or virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange), offers various services and features to businesses or individuals.

Here are some common services provided by virtual telephone services:

Call Routing and Forwarding:

Virtual phone systems allow incoming calls to be routed and forwarded to different numbers or extensions. Calls can be directed to specific departments, individuals, or devices based on predefined rules or customizable call flows.


Virtual phone systems often include voicemail services, where callers can leave messages when the recipient is unavailable. Users can access voicemail messages through their phones, email, or a web interface.

Call Recording:

Some virtual telephone services offer call recording capabilities. This allows users to record and store phone conversations for quality assurance, training purposes, or legal compliance.

Auto Attendant:

An auto attendant is an automated voice system that greets callers and provides menu options to direct their calls to the appropriate department or extension. Virtual phone systems often include customizable auto attendant features.

Extensions and Direct Dial Numbers:

Virtual phone services enable the creation of multiple extensions or direct dial numbers for different employees or departments within an organization. This facilitates internal communication and makes it easier for external callers to reach the desired party.

Call Queues:

Call queues help manage incoming calls during busy periods. Virtual phone systems can place callers in a queue and play hold music or messages until an agent becomes available to handle the call.

Conference Calling:

Many virtual phone systems offer conference calling capabilities, allowing multiple participants to join a call simultaneously. This facilitates remote meetings, collaboration, and group discussions.

These are some of the common services offered by virtual telephone services. The specific features and capabilities may vary depending on the provider and the chosen plan or package. Contact us to discuss further your telecom requiremnets.

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