how to tell if an automated call is legitimate

Posted in Industry on 22nd May 2023

There is a growing probem with automated call campaigns scaring customers away, due to the amount of scam calls that happen on a dialy basis. Here at IV Response we have had to cleverly create our customers call campaigns to stop this becoming a problem.

To convince a customer that a call campaign is legitimate and not a scam, consider implementing the following strategies:

Caller Identification:

Use caller ID technology to display your organization's name and contact information on the customer's phone screen. This helps establish trust and indicates that the call is from a recognized and legitimate source.

Verification Processes:

Incorporate verification processes into your call campaign. This may involve providing specific information to the customer that only a legitimate representative of your organization would know, such as their account details or recent transaction history. By demonstrating knowledge of the customer's specific information, you build credibility and reassure them about the legitimacy of the call.

Transparent Purpose:

Clearly communicate the purpose of the call upfront. Explain why you are calling, what you are offering, or the reason for seeking information from the customer. Transparency helps alleviate suspicion and demonstrates that your intentions are genuine.

Professional and Polite Communication:

Ensure that your call agents are well-trained in professional and polite communication. They should articulate the purpose of the call clearly, avoid using aggressive or coercive language, and be respectful of the customer's time and privacy. A professional demeanor contributes to a positive perception of the call's legitimacy.

Offer Call-back Option:

Provide customers with the option to call back your organization using an official phone number or a known customer service line. This empowers them to independently verify the legitimacy of the call before providing any sensitive information. Scammers often discourage or avoid call-backs, so offering this option adds credibility to your call campaign.

Knowledgeable and Informed Agents:

Ensure your call agents are well-trained and possess in-depth knowledge about your organization, products, or services. This enables them to answer customer queries confidently and provide accurate information. A knowledgeable agent inspires trust and conveys that the call is legitimate.

Data Privacy and Compliance:

Emphasize your commitment to data privacy and regulatory compliance during the call. Assure customers that their personal information will be handled securely and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Highlight any relevant certifications or security measures your organization has in place to reinforce trust.

Follow Legal and Ethical Standards:

Adhere to legal and ethical standards in your call campaign. Avoid engaging in deceptive or manipulative practices, and respect customers' rights and preferences. Compliance with laws and ethical guidelines reinforces the legitimacy of your call and safeguards customer trust.

By implementing these strategies, you can demonstrate the legitimacy of your call campaign, alleviate customer concerns, and build trust, reducing the likelihood of being perceived as a scam call.

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